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Nick Castle Teases Possible ‘Halloween’ Announcement Coming This Weekend!



Nick Castle Teases Possible 'Halloween' Related Announcement Coming This Weekend!

At this weekend’s Fanboy Expo event in Knoxville, Tennessee, original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle will disclose something horror master John Carpenter recently told him. Halloween movie related? There’s a damn good possibility.

Probably nothing at all to do with this weekend’s anticipated announcement, but we know for a fact that Danielle Harris wants to return as Jamie Lloyd at some point in a future Halloween movie. Could this news relate to her return? I guess time will tell.

You can check out the tweet below, courtesy of Castle’s official Twitter account.

We previously learned via Collider that David Gordon Green wrote the script for the next Halloween sequel and is expected to return to the directing chair. Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are likely to return to reprise their roles.

Horror master John Carpenter has made it perfectly clear in previous interviews that he’s ready to return to the Halloween franchise once again to do the score!

Stay tuned to Dark Universe for more Halloween movie news.