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‘Night of the Living Dead’ 4K Restoration Scores Theatrical Distribution



‘Night of the Living Dead’ 4K Restoration Scores Theatrical Distribution

We first heard about the 4K restoration of George Romero‘s classic 1968 zombie film Night of the Living Dead via Museum of Modern Art and The Film Foundation last year, who put together a version from the original negatives. It was first shown at MomA back in November. Romero himself noted that it’s “closer than anything we’ve seen to the definitive version of the film.

You’re probably wondering when you can go see this new restoration release of the film, right? Well, Gary Streiner revealed this past Sunday that Janus Films has acquired the 4K restoration for theatrical distribution. The first screening will begin on October 13th at the Film Forum in New York City.

Streiner shared the following information on the The Living Dead Festival Facebook page:

It all feels a bit surreal, a bit anticlimactic at the same time. After years of keeping quiet about MoMA and the restoration, we are now faced with a new reality. Night of the Living Dead® has found a home at Janus Films for its theatrical distribution. Janus Films has already started booking Night into theaters. Its exclusive opening will be Friday, Oct, 13th at the renowned Film Forum in New York City. We at Image Ten are so happy that Janus of all companies is so energized to get Night back into theaters.

This is all very new information and as new bookings come in Janus will have their calendar up,” he added. “We will post update information here as well. This will be the chance you have all been asking for. Yes, with much pride Night will be coming to a theater near you! Could it be coming to Pittsburgh soon after its opening in NYC?

Rumours are going around that the 4K restoration will be coming to Blu-Ray courtesy of Criterion at some point, so watch this space.

Dark Universe will continue to keep you updated.

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