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‘Night Trap’ Interactive Sega CD Game Gets a 25th Anniversary Remaster



How many of you remember this classic Sega CD/32X video game form the early 90’s? At one point in time Digital Pictures’ Night Trap was being accused as being one of the games for causing violent behavior. Now, after 25 years, Limited Run Games and Screaming Villains are celebrating its 25th anniversary with a limited edition physical copy run of the game, which has been remastered for Xbox One and Playstation 4!

I personally owned a copy of this crazy game back in the day, great memories. Who else remembers playing this?

Game Synopsis:
Night Trap has the player take the role of a Special Control Attack Team agent, known by his teammates as “Control”. SCAT has been investigating the lake shore home of Victor and Sheila Martin, where 5 teenage girls recently disappeared during their vacation there. Last night SCAT sent in an agent to infiltrate the house, there he found a security system that controlled cameras in every room of the house, and various traps located throughout each. The agent programmed an override into the security system, so that Control can monitor the rooms and control the traps via a small remote. Five new girls are coming to the lake house for a vacation, so SCAT has sent in Kelli, an undercover SCAT operative along with them to infiltrate the house personally. It is the player’s job to protect Kelli and the other five girls from whatever problems they encounter.

Check out the new announcement trailer for the upcoming remastered version of the video game below, along with the cover artwork.

Night Trap PS4 Game



Featured Trailer