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Nightstream: A Collective Horror and Genre Festival Launches in October



Nightstream is a collective genre film festival streaming in the fall of 2020, from October 8-11. It’s a not-for-profit fundraiser to support communities hit by the global pandemic with proceeds going to artists, filmmakers, charities, and local businesses. 

The online festival will feature horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and underground films. The collective includes the Boston Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, North Bend Film Festival, The Overlook Film Festival, and Popcorn Frights Film Festival.

The festival sells two passes online: the NIGHT OWL BADGE for $65, which includes access to five features or short film blocks, and unlimited events. The HOMEBODY BADGE includes ten features or short film programs, and unlimited events for $99. Both badges include unlimited panels and masterclasses as well. 

The festival is geo-locked to the United States, and certain films will have limited space, so prepare to register for showtimes as soon as you can before the more popular features sell out. The festival will stream on internet browsers and cell phones, in addition to Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast. 

Nightstream’s collective film festival is pretty exciting for several reasons — it’s online, it benefits the community, it lifts people’s spirits, and raises funds for artists and charities. Plus there’s horror. What’s not to love? 

It’s a great opportunity since many aren’t able to travel (even before COVID-19) because of responsibilities, expenses, or disabilities. But this year, we’ll be able to join in and watch movies in our pajamas while eating pizza. I miss going to festivals and horror events, but I also like my bed.

For more information or to purchase a badge, check out their site Nightstream and give them a follow on their socials: @NightstreamFest and Nightstreamfest. Genre isn’t dead in 2020! 



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