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Non-Spoiler Details from Thursday Nights Test Screening of ‘Halloween Kills’



Non-Spoiler Details from Thursday Nights Test Screening of 'Halloween Kills'

SPOILER-FREE feedback from the Halloween Kills test screening.

Just to be clear to our website readers, you won’t find any spoilers from the recent test screening of Halloween Kills in this post. And an extra heads up for those of you who do not want to know any potential spoilers, we advise you to please avoid bumping into the rumoured leaked script that’s apparently been floating around the internet.

This past Thursday night in Los Angeles, California, Blumhouse’s Halloween Kills had its first test screening in front of an audience of around 200 or so moviegoers. Below, we have put together as much non-spoiler information as we can from attendees.

We can’t guarantee that the following user comments/reviews are 100% legitimate, so please bear that in mind when reading.

A couple of cool things that stand out the most:

1. The eerie blue lighting is back.

2. One major character returns.

3. Michael Myers is ultra violent and brutal.

4. The flashback scenes are incredibly well done.

5. The movie is like Halloween on acid. It’s balls to the wall crazy.

6. The movie has some great callbacks to past Halloween films but remains original.

7. The mask used for the Halloween 78 flashback scenes is going to have fans going bonkers.


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Exclusive Halloween Kills quote from our source:

The flashback sequence (it’s beefy, but never overstays its welcome – about seven-ten minues) genuinely impresses, adds to the original in a meaningful way while contextualizing its place in the H’18-Kills cannon. It’s surprisingly emotional.

According to Reddit poster Tricky Dude 98, director David Gordon Green delivered a solid sequel that will impress more than depress.

Reddit Halloween Kills

David Gordon Green is attached to direct both Halloween sequels, with John Carpenter confirmed to provide new scores. The third film will wrap up the Laurie Strode and Michael Myers saga.

Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Laurie Strode, Nancy Stephens will reprise her role as Nurse Marion Chambers, Charles Cyphers will reprise his role as Leigh Brackett, Anthony Michael Hall will play Tommy Doyle, Kyle Richards will reprise her role as the adult Lindsey Wallace, Jibrail Nantambu will return as Julian, Robert Longstreet has been cast as the adult Lonnie Elam, Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney are returning to play the role of Michael Myers.

Halloween Kills will stalk theaters on October 16th, 2020, followed by Halloween Ends on October 15th, 2021.



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