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Original ‘Rawhead Rex’ Director George Pavlou is Considering a Reboot



Rawhead Rex Reboot Considered by Original Director George Pavlou

Director George Pavlou‘s classic 1986 monster film Rawhead Rex could be next in line to receive the reboot treatment. You can read what Pavlou had to say about some of is current projects in the embedded snippet below.

In a recent chat with the folks at Darkside Magazine, Pavlou revealed that he’s working on a couple of new projects, and is considering rebooting his own classic horror film, Rawhead Rex.

There’s also an anthology horror series that I’m shooting that’s self funded. There’s another I’m developing with a writer friend of mine in Los Angeles called Strange Eggs – it’s a story about hybrids. It’s a pretty cool story. We might reboot Rawhead Rex as well, Pavlou told the mag. “I’m also trying to do something called, Twisted Romance. It’s the anthology one. Trying to do it as a low budget quite experimental film. We’ve got nine really good meaty stories and I’m going to film them all in one location in a little studio apartment.

It’s nice to hear that Pavlou is still keeping himself busy in the horror genre.

A few years back, Rawhead Rex was given a complete 4K restoration and released on Blu-Ray in the United States.

Would you be down for a Rawhead Rex reboot? Are you a fan of director George Pavlou’s original? As usual, you can let us know the answers to both questions down in our Disqus comments area below this post.

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