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‘Orphan: First Kill’: Star Isabelle Fuhrman Says “I Think People Will Be Shocked” By Prequel



'Orphan: First Kill': Star Isabelle Fuhrman Say "I Think People Will Be Shocked" By Prequel

Collider had the opportunity recently to speak with actress Isabelle Fuhrman, star of the 2009 horror flick Orphan and the upcoming prequel movie from director William Brent Bell, Orphan: First Kill. During the interview, Fuhrman revealed quite a bit about her returning character and stated that she thinks people will be shocked by the story.

Fuhrman told the site:

[Orphan: First Kill is] definitely not what I think most people will expect, which I think is really exciting and what really drew me to even coming back to play that role…And also, what I think is most exciting about it is it’s something that’s never been done cinematically. There’s never been an adult actress who reprised a role she played as child. And that was exceptionally difficult and really fun to do, because when I was a kid and I played Esther, I was constantly playing a 33-year-old hiding herself as a kid while I was also 10, and this time, it was like, ‘here’s a little weight off my shoulders,’ since I just have to pretend I’m 10, because I’m already an adult.

She continued:

I think people will be shocked by that story…It’s very different from what most people would expect and [Julia Stiles] is absolutely incredible in it, and we had a lot of fun making the movie together. It’s definitely a story about the two of us and our relationship, and Esther’s way that she came to the United States and how she found herself there.

Finally, she added:

It’s just very trippy, because seeing things and seeing myself as a kid again is very, very trippy, so I’ve been coping with that and they’ve been handling that sort of [release date] stuff. I’m just like, ‘this is so wild! How did we do this?’ Actually, The Novice helped me prepare for that movie because I spent the majority of [Orphan: First Kill] squatting since I had to walk around in a squat because I’m, you know, taller than the average 10-year-old.

Dark Castle’s Alex Mace, Hal Sadoff and Ethan Erwin are producing with James Tomlinson. David Coggeshall wrote the script. David Leslie Johnson will serve as an EP with Jen Gorton and Josie Liang overseeing for Entertainment One.

So what do you think of Isabelle Fuhrman’s comments regarding the new prequel movie? Are you a fan of Jaume Collet-Serra’s original? As usual, you can sound off with your thoughts on this down in our comments section below this article.

Julia Stiles (“Dexter”) also stars.

Stay tuned to Dark Universe for more updates on Orphan: First Kill to come.



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