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Paranormal Slasher ‘Family Possessions’ Reveals An Eerie Poster



Tommy Faircloth who is the director of such films as Crinoline Head, Generation AX, and Dollface, is currently in post-production on his next film, Family Possessions, which is a paranormal slasher. Today, a new poster for the film can be seen below!

“Family Possessions follows a young girl named Rachael that inherits her Grandmother’s mansion. Rachael and her family relocate across the country to move into the house, as the father recently lost his job and fell on hard financial times.  Once in this new town and this new house, Rachael begins having paranormal experiences in the house and later finds out a big secret that her mother and father were keeping from her and her younger brother.”

The film stars Leah Wiseman, Jason Vail, Suzie Haines, Lizzie Mears, Morgan Monnig, Erika Edwards, Michael David Wilson, Robert Haulbrook, Andrew Wicklum, Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose, and A Nightmare On Elm Street 2’s Mark Patton.


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Family Possessions is planned to premiere at a festival circuit this fall.

Family Possessions Poster



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