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Park Hoon-Jung’s Blood-Soaked ‘The Witch’ Hits Digital HD on April 22nd



Park Hoon-Jung's Blood-Soaked 'The Witch' Hits Digital HD on April 22nd

Signature Entertainment presents acclaimed violent actioner The Witch, taking you to places you never thought possible as it reaches its insane blood-soaked finale. Starring Kim Da-mi in a break-out performance. Directed by lauded writer Park Hoon-jung.

Jason Bourne meets X-Men meets John Wick in the acclaimed ultraviolent actioner The Witch.

Synopsis: “10 years ago, Ja-yoon escaped from a government facility during an inexplicable incident and lost all her memory. She grows up to be a bright high school student and enters a nationally televised audition to win a prize to help her struggling family. As soon as she appears on TV, strange people start appearing in her life. A man named ‘Nobleman’ – and others who have been searching for her – soon frantically pursue Ja-yoon. As her life falls into turmoil she responds with a chilling descent from innocent girl into cold-blooded knifewielding super killer!

Signature Entertainment presents The Witch on Digital HD from Monday 22nd April, 2019.

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