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[Photo] Nick Castle Appears as Michael Myers Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Halloween’



[Photo] Nick Castle as Michael Myers Behind-the-Scenes of 'Halloween'

An unreleased behind-the-scenes photo from the set of director David Gordon Green‘s 40-years later Halloween sequel has just been revealed by Blumhouse Productions VP Ryan Turek via his official Instagram account, in which original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle can be seen leaning over the staircase while wearing his iconic coveralls and aged mask.

Castle’s appearance as Michael Myers in Green’s 2018 Halloween film was disappointingly brief. Instead, James Jude Courtney, an actor and professional stunt performer, portrayed the role in almost every scene throughout.

Along with the unseen set photo, Turek shared the following message:

My POV ascending the stairs where Myers encounters Vicky. That’s Tim in our prop dept. to the right.

If only we got more chilling moments like this in the actual film I believe it would have made the experience a lot more suspenseful.

As much as I enjoyed the latest Halloween entry, I do wish there were more moments of suspense with Michael stalking and  creeping around like he did in John Carpenter’s 1978 Original.

So what do you think? Did you enjoy the 2018 franchise instalment? As usual, you can sound off down in our comments section below this article to let us know your thoughts on this discussion.

You can check out the full photo of Nick Castle as Michael Myers below.

Nick Castle behind-the-scenes of Green's 2018 'Halloween' Movie