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[Photos] Turkish Slasher ’45/25 Perfect Crime’ Slices Up a September Release



[Photos] Turkish Slasher '45/25 Perfect Crime' Slices Up a September Release

A mysterious new project out of Turkey landed in our inbox today, which appears to be a slasher flick from Turkish director Biray Dalkiran (Araf 2). The film, titled 45/25 Perfect Crime, is coming to cinemas this September.

Heroes from Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are the best models of youth cause they have a splendid life…till their hunting by a masked person…But who is hidden under the mask and what does this person want…

Synopsis: “Two police commissars want to find out this secret but it is a long way through the lies and dark untold secrets of social media.

45/25 Perfect Crime slashes up cinemas on September 6th, 2019, and we have the first imagery for you below.

4525 Perfect Crime 4 Poster

4525 Perfect Crime 1

4525 Perfect Crime 2

4525 Perfect Crime 3

4525 Perfect Crime 4