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Producer Ken Gord Shares Set Photos from Italian Horror ‘Parasitic Twin’



Producer Ken Gord Shares Set Photos from Italian Horror 'Parasitic Twin'

Who doesn’t love Italian horror films? Well, we just found out that a new one is coming our way very soon titled Parasitic Twin, which is directed by Claudio Zamarion who worked on Dario Argento’s (The Phantom of the Opera). Thanks to the guys over at ComingSoon, we have a bunch of on set photos from the film to show you down below!

The director is Claudio Zamarion. Fun Trivia Fact: He was part of the camera crew on Dario Argento’s The Phantom of the Opera almost 20 years ago. He’s also worked with Martin Scorsese (Kundun), Bernardo Bertolucci (Stealing Beauty), Rob Cohen (Daylight) and others. Now he is one of the new faces of Italian horror. (He’s the guy in the blue jacket in the boat still).

The script is by Franco Forte and Francesco Spagnuolo, the editor of Horror Magazine & The film’s ensemble includes British actress DANI TONKS, Italian actresses FRANCESCA PELLEGRINI, GIULIA MARTINA FAGGIONI and ESMERALDA SPADEA, and Americans ANNA WARREN BUTTERWORTH and DORIS NIGHT.

Parasitic Twin is a very creepy, atmospheric story about four girls, raised in an orphanage and connected by a blood oath, who go out to a mysterious island, not knowing they are passing through into another world. It’s an Angelika Vision and Augustus Color production in collaboration with Daniel Morelli, Baraonda Edizione Musicali and BMovie Italia. Distributor is Midnight Factory, a new Koch Media company specializing in the best of horror, thriller and fantasy.

Italian horror seems to be on its way back, and director Claudio Zamarion’s Parasitic Twin sounds like one very interesting project to keep your eye on this year.

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