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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Milla Jovovich Rewinds the Franchise



'Resident Evil: Final Chapter' Milla Jovovich Recaps Resident Evil Story

Milla Jovovich is about to take you back in time through the entire Resident Evil story in just 2 minuets of recap footage, leading up to director Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. If you’ve forgotten the events of the previous films, this video will help you to remember. Take a look down below!

Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, humanity is on its last legs after Alice is betrayed by Wesker in Washington D.C. As the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead hordes, Alice must return to where the nightmare began – Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.

Starring Milla Jovovich as Alice, Ali Larter as Claire Redfield, Iain Glen will return as Dr. Isaacs, with Shawn Roberts playing Albert Wesker once again. New additions also include Ruby Rose as Abigail, Eoin Macken (The Night Shift) as Doc, Cuban American actor William Levy as Christian, Fraser James (“Law & Order: UK”) as Michael, and Japanese model and TV personality Rola as Cobalt. The film is written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be released by Sony Screen Gems on January 27th, 2017, followed by a UK release on 24 February 2017.



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