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Ringside Collectibles Releasing WWE Series 2 Zombie Figures



Ringside Collectibles will be releasing series 2 of those popular WWE zombie figures in stores this May, which will include Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar, and AJ Styles. You can put those alongside previously released Series 1 stars John Cena, The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, Paige and Roman Reigns.

Any fan of WWE will want to add series 2 to their wrestling memorabilia collection. We have the official details on each individual figure along with images.

If you would like to pre-order any of the following figures, then head on over to Ringside Collectibles. You can take a look at the whole collection of WWE series 2 superstar zombies below!

WWE Zombie Figure 1

The BEAST himself Brock Lesnar is now one of the most feared members of the undead! Lesnar has returned in Mattel WWE Zombies Series 2 with a roaring headsculpt, giant wound across his shoulder and accurate, undead tattoos! He’s also wearing fight shorts with his trademark symbol and has a massive gash in his leg!

WWE Zombie Figure 2

She is Legit…UNDEAD! Sasha Banks is the undead BOSS in Mattel WWE Zombies Series 2. With a swipe across her forehead, she’s still looking pretty sharp with a gold chain, D.E.A.D. ring gear, black ring tights and some ruined ring boots!

WWE Zombie Figure 3

The only place that Seth Rollins is returning from is the grave! Rollins is in Mattel WWE Zombies Series 2 with white eyes and an exposed tongue. His white ring pants are ruined, especially at the knees where his bone is protruding out of exposed muscle on one side, and the same exposed muscle shows a bare, undead foot on the other!

WWE Zombie Figure 4

Give me a HELL YEAH for the undead Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Mattel WWE Zombies Series 2! Stone Cold becomes the smoking skull version of himself with a skeletal headsculpt and a completely exposed stomach! Thankfully, his knee pads and braces are still intact so he can deliver one hell of an undead Stunner!

WWE Zombie Figure 5

The Kevin Owens Show has a new name…Back From the Dead! Kevin Owens is in Mattel WWE Zombies Series 2 with flesh wounds and undead eyes, a shoulder wound and a ‘Bite Owens Bite’ shirt! His fight shorts are ripped at the left knee…perhaps where he was first bitten? He’s also wearing tall, laced boots!

WWE Zombie Figure 6

They don’t want NONE of the Mattel WWE Zombies Series 2 AJ Styles! The Undead Face That Runs the Place is making a comeback, but this time it’s without a soul. Missing teeth and having a torn forearm, he also has an exposed right leg, showing off gross muscle protruding from his blue and black ‘Phenomenal’ ring gear!



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