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S & Drives Founder Richard Stringham Unleashes ‘Close Calls’ in 2017



S & Drive's Founder Richard Stringham Unleashes Close Calls in 2017

This year is already looking very impressive for upcoming horror projects, and we have one more to add to that growing list. Richard Stringham, founder of S & Drives production company, will unleash his new retro horror film titled Close Calls in the spring of 2017. Close Calls is said to give recognition to many of horror’s legendary directors, so we have to do our part and spread the word out of respect for their efforts!

Also, Volumes of Blood creator P.J.Starks joined the team as associate producer. Dark Universe has the press release details, poster, film stills, and trailer for Close Calls below!


“In the film, a troubled teen girl (Morgan) who is forced to stay home and tend to her crazy grandma after being grounded by her father. But when daddy leaves for a dinner date, Morgan’s paranoia heightens as she starts receiving several disturbing phone calls while dealing with grandma. Between all the phone calls, the drugs she has taken, and suprise visits from some unexpected guests, Morgan now thinks everyone around her is out to kill her. And to make matters worse… she keeps forgetting to give grandma her meds.”

Press Release:

A New kind of psychedelic terror will soon be unleashed onto screens in spring 2017…

This upcoming feature-length horror film from S & Drives Richard Stringham, who started the independent production company in Sherwood, Arkansas. Vowing to make a retro horror piece that tipped its hat to heroes like Bava, Argento, Hooper, Craven, Kubrick, and Lynch… Stringham assembled a local team of Arkansans to force “Close Calls”into existence. He also joined forces with Volumes of Blood creator P.J.Starks, who signed on as Associate Producer for the project.

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