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Sadly, Robert Englund Will Not Be Appearing In ‘Death House’



There is no doubt that Death House has one amazing cast of horror legends, no one can question that at all. It’s definitely going to be one of the biggest horror films in 2016, and maybe even one of the best horror films that we’ve seen in the last 10 years, but only time will tell.

There has been quite a bit of confusion whether or not Robert Englund was actually going to be in the film, we all assumed he was going to be in there with all the other horror icons, but it’s been confirmed by Robert Englund himself that he’s not appearing in Death House at all.

When a fan asked him if he was doing Death house:

I’m not. No, no, no. I never got a script. They talked to my agent about it once, and they’ll say I’m going to be in it.

Can Death House really be called “The Expendables of horror” without Robert Englund? You decide. We’re still very excited for this film, no doubt about that.