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Sam Raimi’s Awesome Horror Movie Commercial For Chevrolet



Awesome Horror Movie Commercial For Chevrolet from Sam Raimi

Fans who are hungry for the next Evil Dead film will be even more impatient after watching this Sam Raimi directed short horror commercial for Chevrolet. Raimi hasn’t directed a horror movie since 2009’s Drag Me to Evil, and we know he directed the pilot episode of “Ash vs. Evil Dead”, but where is his next horror movie? This commercial for Chevrolet has hints of Evil Dead and Drag Me to Hell all over it.

We approached the development of the Chevrolet trailer in the same way we would an actual movie—by thinking through the plot, characters and eventual outcome,” Raimi said in a statement obtained by Ad Week. “I’ve been in plenty of theaters where the audience is so concerned for the safety of the main characters that they call out warnings to save them. That’s what this is based on.

The spot will run in 2,300 theaters and 14,000 screens nationwide over the next six months.

With an impressive array of available active safety features, the all-new 2016 Chevy Malibu and Chevy Cruze can help you avoid danger.

It might be a long time before we ever get to see a fourth Evil Dead, so this will have do for now.

Check it out below and don’t expect too much!



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