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Scream Factory Releasing ‘Halloween II’ and ‘Halloween III’ 4K Blu-Ray Steelbooks



Scream Factory Gives ‘Halloween II’ and ‘Halloween III’ Some 4K Love With Blu-Ray Steelbooks

Michael Myers and Silver Shamrock steelbook Blu-Rays are back!

Calling all fans of Halloween II (1981) and Halloween III: Season of the Witch! You’re in for a special treat this Halloween season as both films are being reissued from us in limited-edition Steelbook packaging! Read on for more details:

– Only 10,000 of each steelbook are being produced.

– Steelbooks will be shrinkwrapped. The Blu-rays included inside will have the same content (but with different disc label art) that is currently available in their respective Collector Edition releases but with one big exception: We are doing a NEW 4K scan film transfer on both!

– The artwork you see pictured on both come to us from by artist Nathanael Marsh (who also illustrated our prior John Carpenter-themed steelbooks). If you order directly from our site, your packaging will also include a 28.5” x 16.5” rolled lithograph of the illustrations. The litho will not be available elsewhere and only 1,000 of them each are being made.

Both steelbook Blu-Ray releases are due to hit shelves on October 9th H2 Steelbook 1 H3 Steelbook 2