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Screenbound Pictures Unleashing British Horror ‘The Deadly Bees’ on (UK) Blu-Ray



Screenbound Pictures Unleashing British Horror 'The Deadly Bees' on (UK) Blu-Ray

British horror classic The Deadly Bees hits UK Blu-Ray from Screenbound Pictures on May 6th, 2019. You can check out the artwork below, including a direct pre-order link RIGHT HERE!

Noted British horror director Freddie Francis and author Robert Bloch, who wrote Psycho, combine their talents for this tale of terror.

Synopsis: “Pop singer Vicki Robbins (Suzanna Leigh) collapses from exhaustion and takes a vacation on a small resort island. She soon meets Mr. Hargrove (Guy Doleman), a difficult man with a failing marriage who owns the resort and keeps bees as a hobby. However, when Hargrove’s wife dies from bee stings, Vicki discovers that someone on the island is breeding a strain of killer bees, and she has to find out who is responsible and what can be done before they kill again.

You can pre-order a copy of The Deadly Bees on Blu-Ray from

The Deadly Bees UK Blu-Ray