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Severin Films to Bring ‘Shocking Dark’, ‘Zombie 3’, and ‘Zombie 4’ to Blu-Ray



Severin Films to Bring 'Shocking Dark', 'Zombie 3', and 'Zombie 4' to Blu-Ray

Leave your sanity at the door and face the blood-spattered netherworlds of inscrutability that only Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei, and Claudio Fragasso can inflict. Italian horror flicks Shocking Dark (a.k.a. Terminator 2), Zombie 3 and Zombie 4 are coming to home video with brand new 2k scans that will make your eyeballs explode!

Severin Films will be releasing the following three titles on May 29th, and we’ve included some details for each Blu-Ray release below.

Shocking Dark:

A team of badass marines, a tough female civilian and an orphaned girl battle monsters beneath the Venice canals while being chased by an indestructible killer cyborg.

  • Scanned in 2k from the Director’s Cut negative discovered in a Rome lab vault
  • Limited Edition Available with Highly Unofficial Slip Cover with original Italian release art (and title) exclusively from the Severin-Films webstore

Zombie 3:

After a deadly virus is stolen from a government facility, it will unleash a “wildly entertaining” (Realm Of Horror) combination of Fulci’s signature extreme violence, Mattei/Fragasso-style surreal logic, and big bloody buckets of goo-spewing mayhem that must be seen to be believed.

  • Uncut 2k scan for the first time ever in America
  • Limited Edition: First 3000 with Remastered Soundtrack CD of Music By Stefano Mainetti

Zombie 4:

When a white scientist’s cure for cancer enrages an island voodoo priest, it will unleash the ultimate plague of ninja zombies, exploding heads, eye-gouging, face-ripping, power ballads and big bloody mouthfuls of flesh-chomping havoc…and that’s just the first 20 minutes.

  • Scanned in 2k and uncut for the first time ever in America.
    Limited Edition: First 3000 with First Ever Official Release Soundtrack CD of Music By Al Festa

Yiu can view the artwork below, and you can pre-order these via Severin-Films website.

Shocking Dark Blu-Ray SF

Zombie 3 Blu-Ray SF

Zombie 4 Blu-Ray SF



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