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Shane Black Confirms ‘The Predator’ Will Use Practical Effects



Shane Black Confirms 'The Predator' Will Use Practical Effects

As we reported just a few day ago, Shane Black’s The Predator is now looking at an August 3rd release date. Yesterday, Black tweeted out another message regarding the films CGI, stating that the film will also use some practical effects. Whenever we hear those magical words from directors on upcoming projects, it’s another reason to start getting excited for their films.

Being huge fans of the original Predator, it will be very interesting to see what surprises Shane Black injects into this installment.

Black’s message can be seen below, which he shared to his Twitter followers.

Edward James Olmos, Boyd Holbrook, Room breakout Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Yvonne Strahovski, Olivia Munn and Jake Busey star.

The movie once again features unsuspecting humans who slowly realize that fierce hunter-aliens are in their midst, this time in what could be a suburban setting.

The Predator is directed by Black, who also co-wrote the script with Fred Dekker. Production is currently underway in Vancouver, Canada.

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