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Should They Cast Bill Moseley as Freddy Krueger? Fan Petition Launched



Should They Cast Bill Moseley as Freddy Krueger? Fan Petition Launched

Now this is one very interesting post. A new petition was launched at today asking fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise if they would like to see the brilliantly talented horror legend Bill Moseley cast as Freddy Krueger.

Twitter user Nick Younker started the petition to Warner Bros./New Line Cinema, which you can check out below.

From today’s petition:

Horror fans want a say in the remakes big studios are putting out, including who is cast in a remake of the treasured films we grew up on. This includes the rumored remake (attempt #2) of A Nightmare on Elm Street. We are a collective of social media users on Twitter that have weighed in on the casting of the new Fred Krueger, and we feel that only Bill Moseley can portray this character to our expectations. To Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema: if you’re viewers mean anything to you, may we suggest listening to our devoted community? For your consideration, we the people nominate Bill Moseley to be cast as Fred Krueger (not Freddy) in any future “Elm Street” franchise film.

We have to accept that Robert Englund won’t ever be back as the iconic springwood slasher, so why not cast another respected veteran horror legend such as veteran actor Bill Moseley? I’m so down to see it happen.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.



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