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Sign the Petition to Get ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director’s Cut Released



Sign the Petition to Get ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director’s Cut Released

I dunno about you guys, but us horror freaks at Dark Universe dig the hell out of Jason Goes to Hell. Yeah, it was very different. All you die-hard fans of the Friday the 13th series probably already know this, director Adam Marcus’ original cut of the film was a lot longer then the 1993 released version.

Guess what? A big fan of the film named Jared Johnson created a petition over at to aim it directly at Warner Bros, which would be totally amazing if this ever sees the light of day.

Jared Johnson and Brandon Scott Murphree are asking for everyone’s help, to bring attention to having Jason Goes To Hell made in a true “Director’s Cut”. Adam Marcus, director and co-writer of Jason Goes To Hell, has expressed interest in this being made. Many scenes were cut and unused during filming, including key special fx scenes showcasing the incredible work of KNB FX. Sadly, they never made the final cut. These scenes are strong contributions to this film and, best of all, they were shot. The footage exists, in fact many scenes were edited properly..nearly fully finished before being cut; and now we hope to have them cut back in to a definitive Jason Goes To Hell Uncut Director’s Cut the way Adam Marcus originally intended. We ask you to sign this petition in hopes we can pick up a company to work out this project and bring it to light! Please sign and help us get the attention that Jason Goes To Hell deserves!

400+ have already signed the petition, including Feast and The Collector filmmaker Marcus Dunstan! Awesome or what?

Here’s what Marcus Dunstan’s said:

Jason Goes to Hell was the first F13 I saw (sneaked into) in a theater as a kid and I couldn’t believe that a production assistant who ran coffee on the first F13 film stuck to his dreams and directed Jason himself only a short time later. Adam Marcus is a gentleman, a grand heart, and for kids within us all and for the kid who sneaks a peak at this edition… will be well rewarded with a peak into a marvelous wicked dream come true. PLEASE UNLEASH JASON AS HE WAS MEANT TO BE! New History is rare and to be lauded!

Cheers and Bravo! -Marcus!

For the full lowdown on the Jason Goes to Hell: Workprint, head on over to

Sign the petition right here!



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