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‘Sleepaway Camp’ Star Felissa Rose Talks Prequel/Sequel/Reboot for the Film’s 40th Anniversary



'Sleepaway Camp' Star Felissa Rose Hints of a Remake/Sequel for the Film's 40th Anniversary

In a new interview with BD, Felissa Rose, star of writer/director Robert Hiltzik’s original 1983 slasher flick Sleepaway Camp, opened up about the long-delayed reboot from producers Jeff Katz and Michele Tatosian. We first heard details about the film’s script back in 2016.

The actress isn’t entirely sure what’s going to happen, but here’s a snippet of what Rose had to say about possible Sleepaway Camp projects:

There’s been so much looming around the Sleepaway Camp universe for so long. Will they remake it? Will there be another sequel? I know that something’s in the works. I don’t even really know exactly how it will be, but I can tell you that definitely like — we just had our 37th anniversary — I would love to say that, mark my words, by the 40th, something will be out.

As long as Rose is attached, we are down for more Sleepaway Camp related projects.

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You can read the entre interview with Felissa Rose here.