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Son of John Landis Could Be Remaking ‘An American Werewolf in London’



Son of John Landis Could Be Remaking An American Werewolf in London

Can you believe that we haven’t had a remake of John Landis’s 1981 horror classic, An American Werewolf In London? These days everything seems to be getting remade, doesn’t it? Well, there is a slight update on a possible remake. We are hearing that John Landis’s son Max Landis is currently doing it, who has worked on such films as Chronicle and Victor Frankenstein in the past.

We recently reported that David Naughton, who played the original films werewolf, expressed his interest in returning for a some kind of role. I’d probably ask for more then a walk on. But yes, I would want to be in it, if nothing more to sort of wink at the audience.”

Recently on Twitter, Max Landis posted the following message:


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“Since I get the question all the time:
There’s only one of my dad’s movies I’d ever be willing to try to remake and I’m already doing it.

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) August 18, 2016

We have heard about a remake happening back when Dimension Films were pursuing the rights to the film, which never came to light. If you have a good memory, you may remember when Fernley Phillips (The Number 23) was apparently working on the script back in 2010.

We will continue to update you if we hear more.



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