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Stephen King Says His New Novella ‘Rattlesnakes’ is a Sequel to ‘Cujo’



Stephen King Says His New Novella 'Rattlesnakes' is a Sequel to 'Cujo'

While taking some time to speak on BD‘s The Losers’ Club Podcast this week, the beloved horror author Stephen King revealed that his latest novella titled Rattlesnakes is actually a sequel to Cujo. We have embedded snippets of the interview for you below.

King gave the website exclusive details on Rattlesnakes below, transcribed via

I just wrote a long story called Rattlesnakes, and it involves, in one part, twins who are only four years old falling into a rattlesnake pit. And the snakes get ’em, basically. It’s a terrible scene. And you don’t want to say, with a thing like that, ‘Oh wow, I’m doing this, and nobody has done that before!’ It’s all supposed to be organic to the story, it’s supposed to serve the story. So I don’t think a lot about going to a transgressive place on purpose. It’s the nature of the story itself.

He then revealed that:

Cujo is an ugly book in a lot of ways. And this novella that I’ve just written, Rattlesnakes, is actually a sequel to Cujo.

It’s probably a good idea to listen to the podcast now that you have finished reading his quoted comments above for the entire discussion.

Does the description of King’s Rattlesnakes get you excited? If so, do you think a pit of snakes would be more frightening than a rabid dog? As usual, you can let us know the answers to both questions down in our comments section below this post.

Stay tuned to Dark Universe for more possible news on King’s Rattlesnakes to come.



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