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Storm Ashwood’s ‘The School’ Gets a New Piece of Deadly Artwork



The School Still

A new piece of artwork has been released for the upcoming supernatural horror flick The School, courtesy of Lunar Pictures and Australia-based Bronte Pictures. The film is directed by award-winning Australian writer/director Storm Ashwood.

The School was filmed at the Gladesville Mental Asylum, which was founded in the late 1830’s, making it the oldest asylum in Australia. Unfortunately, the cruel and unusual punishment of its patients was a normality there, including the use of electric shock therapy and both patient and employee deaths were common. There are 1,228 unmarked patient graves on-site providing an unsettling location to capture the supernatural horror elements in the film.

The School follows Amy, an attractive, successful surgeon, who struggles to cope with her emergency room duties and those of a young mother looking after her hospitalized son who has fallen into a coma. After being reprimanded by her boss, Dr. Wang, for obsessively believing her son will wake up, she becomes trapped in a coma/purgatory of her own – The School – where children from her past emerge to taunt and test her to her core, putting in doubt whether Amy will be able to save her son and leave The School.

Blake Northfield and Jim Robison are producing for Bronte Pictures, while Phil Hunt and Compton Ross of Headgear Films are executive producers. The film was picked up earlier in the year by international sales company Cinema Management Group (CMG) acquired worldwide sales rights, excluding Australia and New Zealand.

The School stars Megan Drury, Will McDonald, Nicholas Hope, and Jack Ruwald.

The School Art Poster



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