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Own One of These Stunning Leprechaun Prop Dolls Based on Warwick Davis’ Appearance in ‘Leprechaun’



Life Size Leprechaun Doll from the 1993 Movie is a Scarily Good Prop

I bet you’d like one of these, wouldn’t you? Well, the talented individuals behind The Scary Closet have given horror fans a rare opportunity to purchase their very own life size Leprechaun doll based on Warwick Davis‘ appearance in director Mark Jones‘ 1993 horror film of the same name. Obviously, cost is always a factor when seeking horror collectables of high standards, but I can guarantee you won’t find a better life size Leprechaun prop than this one anywhere else.

The Scary Closet website notes:

We screen matched his costume as well as all the extreme elements of his unique look to bring you the worlds best Leprechaun movie prop doll.

This has been 2 years in the making for all the costume pieces and prototype. We now have all the patterns and work done to start a small limited run to very few and lucky collectors around the world.

For an hefty $2,995.00, you will receive a life size Leprechaun doll based on the beloved villain from the 1993 movie signed by Davis himself. An animatronic version is also available on request from the official The Scary Closet website. Completion time is 4 to 6 weeks.

So what do you think of Scary Closet’s life size Leprechaun doll? Are you a fan of Warwick Davis’ character in the Leprechaun franchise? If so, you can let us know what you think down in our comments section below this article.

Check out the video below for a proper look at the Leprechaun movie doll in more detail.