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Take A Look At This Absolutely Creepy Trailer For New Horror Film ‘Clown Town’



Clown Town is a new horror film that comes from a partnership with Millman and Steele House Productions, It’s directed by Tom Nagal with Jeff Miller (The Burning Dead) serving as writer and producer on the film. We also hear that David “House” Greathouse of SyFy’s Face/Off notoriety, is playing one of the crazy clowns, and he will also be taking part in the makeup and special effects for the film. And that’s not all, former pro wrestler Chris Hahn will be playing a character titled “Machete Clown”. This film sounds like something we should all be excited for.

The Story:

“Clown Town is about a group of friends who get stranded in a seemingly deserted town and find themselves stalked by a gang of violent psychopaths dressed as clowns.”

We have to say that this film looks freaking nuts, just take a look for yourself and let us know what you think. I have to admit that Clown Town is right up my street, this is how a new modern horror film should look. Clown Town has no official release date at the moment, but we’re sure it will be out sometime this year. Now check out the trailer and poster art below!

Clown Town Poster