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Ted Raimi to Host 35mm Screening of ‘Army of Darkness’ at Texas Theatre



Ted Raimi to Host 35mm Screening of 'Army of Darkness' at Texas Theatre

Evil Dead fans are in for a real treat at this years 2017 Texas Frightmare Weekend, because Ted Raimi will be hosting a very special 35mm screening of his brother Sam’s iconic cult horror classic Army Of Darkness, the third and final installment of the Bruce Campbell-starring Evil Dead trilogy.

The screening will begin at 8:30 p.m. on May 4 costing $15 (get tickets here), which will be followed by a Q&A from Raimi. You will learn about the trivial details about the film.

After a brief revisit of how and why Ash is back in Medieval England he is captured by Lord Arthur’s men and suspected of being an agent for Lord Arthur’s enemy. After being thrown into a pit with a Deadite, Ash proves his loyalty and sets about his quest to find the Necronomicon and return to his real time. But after accidentally duplicating himself and mis-pronouncing a few KEY words he will have inadvertently raised hell.

Army Of Darkness will be shown at the Texas Theatre as part of the 2017 Texas Frightmare Weekend.

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