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“Teen Wolf” Star Tyler Posey Talks Season 3 of MTV’s “Scream” TV Series



Ghostface Knife

MTV is set to bring back the classic ghostface mask in season 3 of “Scream” the TV series later this year, which will be a special three-night event.

“Teen Wolf” Star Tyler Posey, who also stars in the upcoming “Scream” TV series, recently sat down with the folks over at Daily Dead to talk a little bit about his character.

Posey on the Scream TV series:

When I watched the first season of Scream, I fell in love the cast. I saw them start their careers on Scream and promote the show and go to Comic-Con, and do all that stuff. Teen Wolf was considered a veteran show at that point, so it was like we were passing the torch in a way. Then when they rebooted the entire thing for season three, and I got a call from one of my friends who was the director of photography on Teen Wolf, and he was also hired to come and do Scream. He called me, and he was like, ‘Hey, man. There’s this role that we would love to have you play. Would you want to come down and play with us?’

Posey on Ghostface:

I didn’t have to read the role or really know anything about the script to immediately be on board because one, I was excited to work with my friend again. Two, it was in Atlanta and that’s where we filmed Teen Wolf for the first two seasons, so I was excited to go back there. Three, I’m a huge fan of the Scream movies, and Ghostface is such an iconic character, so I thought it would cool to be in the same show as that universe. That’s one of the things about acting that I just love, where you can get these weird and cool experiences that you can put under your belt. For me, being on screen with a classic character like Ghostface is just really cool. I had a really good time. It was a super humbling experience. It was great. I really had a great shoot, and I loved being in Atlanta. I had the greatest time.

Brett Matthews (The Vampire DiariesSupernatural) serves as the franchise’s third showrunner and executive produces alongside new arrivals including Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere and Yaneley Arty for Flavor Unit Entertainment. They join original exec producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein for Dimension TV, the late Wes Craven, Tony DiSanto, Liz Gateley, Marianne Maddalena and Cathy Konrad.

Deion Elliot, a local star running back whose tragic past comes back to haunt him at the worst time, threatening his hard-earned plans for his future — and the lives of his unlikely group of friends.

RJ Cyler (I’m Dying Up Here), Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why), Jessica Sula (Recovery Road), rapper Tyga (aka Michael Ray Stevenson), C.J. Wallace and Giullian Yao Gioiello (Julie’s Greenroom) also star.

Season 3 of MTV’s “Scream” will air sometime in 2018.