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‘Terrifier’ Director Damien Leone Talks Art Backstory and Potential New Sequel



Terrifier Art

During Horror Channel‘s Frightfest Halloween event yesterday, director Damien Leone expressed his interest in doing a sequel to 2017’s Terrifier, which would delve deeper into Art the Clowns backstory.

When asked if he is tempted to establish Art as a franchise and make more Terrifier films, Leone said:

Absolutely. Although we finally gave Art his own movie, we’ve only just scratched the surface,” Leone told the site. “Now we have to dig a little deeper into his backstory. He has a ton of potential and I can see needing at least a couple of films to tell his full story. It’s too premature to say but numerous people have said he has the making of a horror icon. If this continues to be the case once Terrifier is released, it would be downright disrespectful to the character and to the fans to not produce more; just as long as we maintain some integrity and never jump the shark.

What’s next for Leone? A sequel to Terrifier sounds like it will be his next project:

He continued, “There are a few awesome projects that I’d love to tackle but I think it would be foolish to sleep on the inevitable Terrifier sequel. Clowns are so hot right now because of IT and more and more people are starting to dig Art the Clown on a daily basis so I think we should strike while the iron’s hot before the killer clown sub-genre goes into hibernation for another 20 years.

Going much deeper into Art the Clowns backstory sounds like a cool idea to us. Stay tuned to Dark Universe for more breaking news headlines.



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