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‘The Confession of Fred Krueger’ Fan Film Director’s Commentary



The Confession of Fred Krueger Fan Film Director's Commentary

I guess that most of you horror nuts have seen The Confession of Fred Krueger fan film by now, but have you heard the director’s commentary? Well, now you can. In this very enjoyable commentary track, you will hear director’s Nathan Thomas Milliner, Kevin Roach, and DP Bonnell (Fred Krueger) talk about this awesome short film.

It is 1973 and the Springwood Police Department has just arrested a man named Fred Krueger, a janitor at the local power plant whom they believe to be the notorious Springwood Slasher. A filthy child murderer who has murdered 20 children over a 5 year long reign of terror on the nice suburban Ohio town. Krueger has been brought to the station to be interrogated by the department’s senior lieutenant. Sit down with one of the most charismatic and sinister man to ever walk the earth and hear him tell his story.

The Confession of Fred Krueger is one of the most respectful, and coolest fan made films to date! You can support the project by sharing this post on social media and commenting.

Check out the entire video below!

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