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‘The Exorcist III’ Will Be Making Its Way To Blu-Ray From Scream Factory This October



'The Exorcist III' Will Be Making Its Way To Blu-Ray From Scream Factory This October

William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist III is a sequel that many horror fans seem to really love. This 1990 cult horror classic will be coming to Blu-Ray on October 25th from Scream Factory with a 2-disc Collector’s Edition.

We could be getting a Director’s Cut according to Scream Factory: “We are working on putting together a version that will be close to Blatty’s original script using a mixture of various film and video tape sources that we have been provided with. This is still a work in progress and we will update you with more details at the time we announce the full list of bonus materials.” Joel Robinson has done a nice job with the artwork, you check it out below!

To pre-order the the Blu-Ray go here.

For more than fifteen years Police Lieutenant Kinderman (George C. Scott) has been haunted by the death of his friend Father Damien Karras. Now, on the 15th anniversary of the exorcism that claimed the priest’s life, Kinderman’s world is once again shattered when a boy is found decapitated and savagely crucified. It’s just the beginning of a nightmare series of bizarre religious murders.

The brutal murders bear the hallmarks of the infamous Gemini Killer…who died in the electric chair fifteen years earlier. But when a psychopath claiming to be the Gemini Killer reveals intimate, gruesome details that only the true killer could possibly know, Kinderman is confronted with a horrifying truth that he cannot explain…and that will shake him to the core.

The Exorcist III is author/filmmaker William Peter Blatty’s personal vision of what followed after The Exorcist. Like the original, The Exorcist III combines elements of a detective story, a theological puzzle, and an unforgettable study in terror.

The special features will be announced soon. We will keep you updated.


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