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Theatrical Release of Harrison Smith’s ‘Death House’ Has Been Pushed Back One Week



Kane Hodder and RA Mihailoff Death House

One of this year’s most anticipated horror flicks is director Harrison Smith’s Death House, which is being tagged by many media websites as the “Expendables of Horror”. Now, because of the success of Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther, the film has been delayed by one week.

Eric Parkinson, CEO of Hannover House, who is distributing Death House in theaters, shared the following statement:

Obviously, we are very disappointed to find such pressure from the exhibitors to hold-over multiple screens for ‘Black Panther’ but we are happy for the success that this film is providing to theatre owners, and we know that the slight delay we are implementing for ‘Death House’ will ultimately pay big dividends for the film.

On the bright side, Death House premieres on Friday, March 2nd and will hold a media event and public opening at the Regency Plant 16 in Van Nuys, California. Attending the special event will be 20 cast members, along with additional crew, will be present.

Following the epic premiere event, Death House is heading to more theaters on March 9th and March 16th. Look for more dates to follow if the film performs well.

“Two federal agents fight their way through nine levels of Hell inside a secret prison known as the Death House. A facility-wide prison break turns their flight into a tour of horrors as they push toward the ultimate evil housed in the lowest depths of the earth.”

The film stars Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace, Adrienne Barbeau, Sid Haig, Michael Berryman, Tony Todd, Lindsay Hartley, Barbara Crampton, Bill Mosley, Lloyd Kaufman, R.A. Mihailoff, Vincent Ward, Richard Speight, Jr., Beverly Randolph, Debbie Rachon and Felissa Rose.

Look for the foreign release of Death House when it hits DVD and Blu-Ray in April.



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