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There’s Still Hope for Corin Hardy’s Reboot of ‘The Crow’



There's Still Hope for Corin Hardy's Reboot Titled 'The Crow Reborn'

We’ve not heard anything new on Corin Hardy’s much talked-about Reboot of ‘The Crow’ since November of 2016, when Davis Films, Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow acquired the rights to finance, produce and distribute the film, titled The Crow Reborn.

At the time, reports were floating around online that Jason Momoa “Game of Thrones” was being considered to star as our revenant avenger Eric Draven.

There isn’t much we can tell you that you don’t already know, but we do have a glimmer of hope today. Hardy, who is currently in post-production on The Nun, took to Instagram and shared the following teaser post titled “Crow dinner.

Crow dinner with legendary film producer Ed Pressman.

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Like the original, the story follows Eric Draven, a murder victim who returns from the dead, seeking vengeance on those who murdered him and his fiancée with the help of a mystical bird.

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