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Todd McFarlane’s R-Rated ‘Spawn’ Reboot Will Begin Production Later This Year



Todd McFarlane's R-Rated 'Spawn' Reboot Will Begin Production Later This Year

Blumhouse and Todd McFarlane‘s long-delayed R-Rated Spawn reboot will finally go into production later this year. While speaking with ComicBook last Friday, McFarlane shared a promising update on the project.

McFarlane on investors:

Everybody in Hollywood wants an R-rated, dark comic book movie, and Spawn is at the top of their list. The phone calls are coming in fast and rapid. I’ve been talking to a couple of Academy Award people, I’ve got the investors getting lined up. It’s changed ever since the Joker from being me begging them to do Spawn dark and creepy, to them asking.

Finally, he adds:

So I’m telling you it will happen this year. This year. And I will direct it. I will be directing it.

Some early details on the film’s plot:

“NYPD detective Twitch loses his daughter to gang violence. He then begins his quest for revenge by enlisting the help of his ex-partner Danny to aid in his investigation of the criminal factions in New York. Twitch quickly realizes he’s in over his head as he learns that two of the largest organizations are teaming up to take over the criminal underworld of the city. That’s where Spawn comes in. Twitch is visited by Al, a mysterious man who has knowledge of his daughter’s death. It quickly becomes clear that Al is not who he appears to be as he reveals himself to be Spawn, a messenger from Hell who can aid Twitch in his search for justice.”

After such a long delay, do you believe that McFarlane will finally get his new Spawn reboot off the ground? Let us know what you think down in our  comments section.

Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained) has been cast as Al Simmon’s, our hellish superhero known as Spawn. Joining Foxx is Jeremy Renner (28 Weeks Later), who will play homicide detective Maximilian “Twitch” Williams.



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