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Tom Holland is Writing a Sequel to ‘Fright Night’ That Will Resurrect Jerry Dandridge, Billy Cole and Evil Ed



Tom Holland is Writing a Sequel to 'Fright Night' That Will Resurrect Jerry Dandridge and Evil Ed

The original Fright Night is probably my favorite vampire flick of all-time, alongside The Lost Boys, Near Dark and Vamp. Tom Holland, director of the 1988 cult classic, let it slip that he’s writing his own sequel to Fright Night titled Fright Night 2: Resurrection.

While chatting with SyFy Wire, Holland revealed the following details:

I’m writing a sequel to Fright Night now… I’m calling it Fright Night 2: Resurrection,” Holland says. “Well, it’s the only way to protect myself: If you wanna see something done right, do it yourself… Of course, Charlie’s back, and so is Evil Ed. I’m bringing back everybody I can. I’m calling it Resurrection because we’ve got to resurrect Billy Cole and Jerry Dandridge. And now I’ll say no more.

Would you like to see a true sequel to Holland’s original film that retcons Tommy Lee Wallace’s Fright Night: Part II? Sound off down in our comments section below.

You can read the entire interview with Holland here.