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Tom Holland’s ‘Fright Night 3’ Novel Almost Finished, Possible Film



Tom Holland's Fright Night 3 Novel Almost Finished, Possible Film

If Tom Holland is game for another Fright Night sequel, so are we! The current rights to Fright Night are owned by private equity firm for a farther 2 years, after such time, everything will be returned back to Holland in 2019. A Fright Night 3 sequel could one day become a reality, and we so hope it does.

Tom Holland is in the middle of finishing up his novel for Fright Night 3, and he’s promising amazon things to come from it. The last Fright Night film was back in 1988, it’s been such a long wait for horror fans. We just can’t help but get excited about what he had to say on his official Twitter page:

He had a bit to say to the fans about his novel:

We could see some returning faces:

We will continue to keep you updated on this exciting story.

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