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Tommy Wirkola to Make Sequel ‘Dead Snow 3’ Featuring Zombie Hitler



Dead Snow

Fans of Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola‘s Dead Snow and Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead will be pleased to know that the director plans to make a third film, which will feature the return of Zombie Hitler.

The filmmaker is currently promoting his next film What Happened to Monday, and while speaking with EW regarding the project, Wirkola revealed the status of Dead Snow 3.

Just so you know, if you’re a fan of the Dead Snows, we’re hoping to make a third one in a few years,” Wirkola told EW. “We’ve got to finish the trilogy, so I’m very excited about that. We’ve got to finish what we started, all of us! We have some ideas. I think it’s natural to maybe put some of the story in South America, where a lot of the Nazis fled, of course.

He added, “We’ve got to top what we’ve done before. We have to bring back Hitler as well. Zombie-Hitler. That just feels natural.”

Stay tuned for more on this when we get it.

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