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Universal and Blumhouse Developing New ‘The Thing’ Adaptation!



Universal and Blumhouse Developing New 'The Thing' Adaptation!

According to a post made by producer Alan Donnes on his Facebook page, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions are creating a new adaptation of The Thing. The film will feature content from John Campbell’s original novel Frozen Hell.

Donnes shared the following announcement: “It’s OFFICIAL! I received my signed contract and first check! I am Executive Producing a remake of THE THING but with additional chapters of John Campbell’s groundbreaking novel, Frozen Hell, that had been lost for decades.

He Added: “Now, for the first time ever, Campbell’s full vision will be realized on the big screen. The new film will include the very best of RKO’s THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, John Carpenter’s classic THE THING and both books, Frozen Hell and Who Goes There? Many thanks to a lot people but none more so than the heirs to the story for their faith and trust in me. I said I’d get it done and here we are. I am forever indebted to you!

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