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Latest Update on Hellraiser 10: Doug Bradley Not Involved



Latest Update on Hellraiser 10: Doug Bradley Not Involved

We are just getting over news of Heather Langenkamp’s shocking involvement in the tenth Hellraiser film, and now there’s even more to this story. Fans hoping for Doug Bradley to return as Pinhead will be disappointed to know that he will not be in the new film.

The next installment of Hellraiser began filming in secret earlier this week, which is being shot on location in Oklahoma City and Guthrie, Oklahoma. Another bit of news is that the new film will apparently be titled Hellraiser: Judgment, written and directed by Gary Tunnicliffe, who worked on Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth and many later films in the franchise.

Judgment’ features a police officer’s pursuit of a serial killer who undergoes a final accounting of his soul by creatures of the underworld.

Doug took to his official Facebook page and informed the fans that he would not be involved in the new film.

Gary said he would send me a copy of the script when he had completed a second draft, but before I could be allowed to set eyes on the precious document, I was required to sign a gagging order. This was a three page document preventing me from talking about the script ‘in restrooms’, ‘on elevators’, ‘in restaurants’ or ‘in cellular telephone conversations which may be overheard’. There was also dark reference to ‘people talking out of turn at conventions’. I read this thing in disbelief, and informed Gary I would not be signing it.

And that’s that. Clearly, I am deemed too much of a security risk to be allowed to read a Hellraiser script.