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[Video] Greg Nicotero Teases Giant Spider for “Creepshow” Season Two



[Video] Greg Nicotero Teases Giant Spider for "Creepshow" Season two

If you suffer with an extreme case of arachnophobia, you might want to consider skipping the following video post from “Creepshow” TV series executive producer and special make-up effects creator Greg Nicotero, who shared the first glimpse of a giant spider for season two of Shudder‘s popular horror show.

You can check out Nicotero’s Instagram video post, which teases a giant spider for “Creepshow” season two.

The horror series is based on the iconic 1982 anthology film written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero.

Shudder’s “Creepshow” is produced by the Cartel with Monster Agency Productions, Taurus Entertainment, and Striker Entertainment: Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, and Eric Woods are executive producers for the Cartel; Greg Nicotero and Brian Witten are executive producers for Monster Agency Productions; Robert Dudelson, James Dudelson and Jordan Kizwani are executive producers for Taurus Entertainment; Russell Binder is executive producer and Marc Mostman co-executive producer for Striker Entertainment.

Stay turned for more updates on when production begins for season two of “Creepshow”.



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