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Vinegar Syndrome To Release A New ‘Jack Frost’ 2K Blu-Ray



Jack Frost

Director Michael Cooney’s 1997 killer snowman flick Jack Frost (review) is to receive a brand new 2K Blu-Ray release form Vinegar Syndrome this coming December. It will be very interesting to see the 2K restoration of the film, which has always been something that horror fans can have some fun with. Nothing has been mentioned of any possible special features, but Dark Universe heard that the film will feature a commentary track from Michael Cooney, so that’s a little extra to look forward to.

As posted on the Cinema Arcana Facebook page:

“Coming this December from Vinegar Syndrome – it’s the Blu debut of Michael Cooney’s JACK FROST (1997)! Suffering a mid-transport collision on his way to execution, serial killer Jack Frost gets doused with an experimental concoction that molecularly fuses his body with the freshly fallen snow – creating the world’s first wise-crackin’ killer snowman. Now no one is safe in the town of Snowmonton. Yes, indeedy. A completely indefensible late-‘90s slasher that thankfully plays its absurd concept totally straight-faced, JACK FROST was slagged off upon its initial release but has slowly gained a cult of devoted followers in the years since, won over by its constant stream of one-liners and imaginative deaths. Not to mention you get a pre-AMERICAN PIE Shannon Elizabeth showing up for a shower scene, so there’s that, too.”

When we hear more information on this new edition, you’ll be the first to know.



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