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‘Volumes of Blood 3’ Title and Poster Revealed; New Co-Writer Attached



'Volumes of Blood 3' Title and Poster Revealed; New Co-Writer Attached

We recently learned that the final film in creator/producer P.J. StarksVolumes of Blood trilogy has now been given an official title and poster, and today we can reveal it as Volumes of Blood 3: Devil’s Knight. Looking closely at the new artwork, you can see The Face’s reflection on the blade of a knife. Very cool, don’t you think?

Starks also confirmed that The Face (Eric Huskisson) will be the main antagonist in Volumes of Blood 3: Devil’s Knight, which is being described as a “balls out, anything goes” proper ending to the series.

But that’s not all, writer and producer of Butcher the Bakers Ginna Campbell has joined the writing team for Volumes of Blood 3: Devil’s Knight.

Volumes of Blood 3 Devil's Knight Title

Yesterday, the official Volumes of Blood Facebook page announced a new co-writer has joined the project:

We’re excited to announce that Ginna Campbell has joined Devil’s Knight: VOB3 as a Co-Writer. She is one of the Hometown Hero alum serving as a writer & producer for their recent flick Butcher the Bakers as well as the films Grace’s Room and River City Panic. It’s awesome to have her level of talent on the project as we move forward on completing the script for the third & final installment.

The third installment of the Volumes of Blood franchise is currently in the scripting phase. Starks and co-producer Huskisson are joined by Andy Palmer and Warner Davis of Petri Entertainment, who will bring the current anthology series to a bigger and bloodier close.

a police station on Halloween morning, where four people have been arrested and brought in for questioning about their involvement in atrocities that took place across the city of Owensboro the night before on Devil’s Night.

Stay up to date with Volumes of Blood 3: Devil’s Knight at Dark Universe.

Volumes of Blood 3 Devil's Knight Poster



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