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Watch the Teaser Trailer for Dario Argento’s Horror Video Game ‘Dreadful Bond’



Watch the Trailer for Dario Argento's Horror Video Game 'Dreadful Bond'

We told you about Dario Argento‘s involvement with Clod Studio’s Dreadful Bond a few weeks ago, and now the official teaser trailer has arrived for the new horror based video game.

Argento had the following to say about the video game project on the Kickstarter website:

Dreadful Bond is a project that’s very close to my themes, to my films, to my dreams: it has something deep that struck me immediately. I got carried away on this new journey with Clod Studio.

The game is a supernatural, psychological thriller, where the identity of the first-person playable character remains unknown at first. Players will find themselves exploringthe abandoned Wharton Manor, a place holding both the key to ancient secrets and the memory of recent horrors.

Why not head on over to the official Kickstarter campaign and make a pledge. £60,000 is needed to reach their goal.

You can watch the stunning teaser below.