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Watch a Witch Resurrect the Dead in First Teaser for ‘Daughter of Dismay’



Watch a Witch Resurrect the Dead in First Teaser for 'Daughter of Dismay'

Sodom and Chimera Productions has revealed the first tease for Daughter of Dismay, directed by arthouse horror veteran James Quinn (Flesh of the Void, The Temple of Lilith) and produced by Justin Schenck (Swordfish, Fox’s “The Exorcist”).

You can watch the new teaser below, along with the poster artwork.

Synopsis: “Daughter of Dismay tells the surreal and mystical tale of an emotionally broken witch. She enters the darkness of the woods to fulfill her biggest desire, for which she takes extreme and radical measures that will have sinister consequences. Portrayed in elegant painting-like images, the film is an epic, moving and emotional trip through a world of witchcraft and occultism, leading to a heartbreaking and melancholic finale.

Daughter of Dismay included behind the scenes talent including composer Joseph Bishara (The Conjuring, Insidious, Annabelle), Kodak award-winning director of photography Ben Brahem Ziryab (The Negative, Room for Rent), sound engineer Steve Maslow (The Empire Strikes Back, The Thing, Beetlejuice) and foley artist Martin Langenbach (The Perfume, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Goodnight Mommy).

The film is currently in post production and will be released in IMAX theaters, 70mm theaters and film festivals in late 2019, presented in both digital, as well 70mm IMAX, regular 70mm as well as 35mm prints.

Daughter of Dismay Poster



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