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This Weekend – Romford’s First Horror Film Festival!



This Weekend - Romford's First Horror Film Festival!

Mega mega mega going back to Romford
How am I at having fun

That was “Born Slippy” by Underworld. It was in Trainspotting, ya know? Anyhow, they were going back to Romford after a night of lagers lagers lagers. But horror fans will be going back to Romford annually after this year’s inaugural Horror Film Festival!

This weekend, June 5th and 6th, darkness falls inside the theaters of Premiere Cinemas Romford! The team have brought together over 60 scary independent movies to the heart of Romford from across the globe – to ensure cinema goers are buried by a cacophony of shocking thrillers and spine- chilling horror.

Festival Director Spencer Hawken has programmed a weekend full of frightening fun. The press release names Hawken as a “Horror Expert,” and I’ve gotta say, I can see why. The whole thing is looking like a veritable smorgasbord of horror delights. You know that special Director’s Cut of The Exorcist? The “Version You’ve Never Seen” with the spider walk down the stairs and stuff? This festival is going to show it, with a special introduction from the actress who wore the scary-ass Captain Howdy demon Pazuzu makeup. If that isn’t enough spine-chilling for you, just take a look at the rest of their programme.

The one I’d be most excited to see, if I was over there in Romford, is The Whopper Returns. Here’s the official synopsis on the Romford Horror Film Fest website:

An estranged family must defend their infamous “haunted” childhood home from a band of malevolent cos-players. In 1979, a film was released based on the horrifying events that tormented the Schepp family in their Pennsylvania home. Forty years later, the estranged family returns to bury the past when an eccentric stranger lays claim to the house. A quarrel over inheritance soon turns deadly, and the Schepps find themselves faced with a new terror. Bonds are tested as demons descend from inside and out, hellbent on concluding the family’s final chapter.

Wowee, right gang?

If that ain’t enough bang for your buck (or pound, I guess) they’ve got that new Daniel Radcliffe movie Guns Akimbo that looks like it’s about some white guy samurai that tries to win back his ex. I dunno, I’m going to check it out eventually. I might not be able to make it there to Romford on time for this festival (O’Hare to Heathrow tickets are expensive right now), but I’m genuinely jealous of anybody who attends. It’s cool to see Radcliffe take on these more genre-leaning roles, like he did in Swiss Army Man. It’s cool that he and Robert Pattinson have done so much work to distance themselves from their respective childhood franchises. But I digress, folks, this is about the Romford Horror Film Festival.

Got a short attention span? This festival’s got shorts like you wouldn’t believe!

One of the darkest films we have this year is actually a seemingly cute animation called A Piglet’s Tale which will be shown at 4pm on Sunday – this is not for the faint hearted and even left some of our festival judges speechless!” says Spencer.

Tickets to the weekend are available from Premiere Cinemas with a full weekend pass costing just £30.00 – including a special weekend goodie bag of merch – but be quick – tickets are limited and selling out fast!




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