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Werewolf Santa is Coming for You at Christmas in 2017



Werewolf Santa is Coming for You at Christmas in 2017

From Northgate Pictures comes Werewolf Santa, the follow up to Easter Sunday, and will be released very soon. Jeremy Todd Morehead is set to direct the film, which is in early pre-production. Werewolf Santa looks to be one crazy and fun film, so keep your eyes open for further updates right here.

Werewolf Santa Plot: “couple Brandon and Alexis have just happily tied the knot. They have the rest of their lives in front of them… or so they thought. A joyous honeymoon on Christmas eve, turns into pure terror when a beast with a hunger for human flesh crashes their party. This beast doesn’t care if you’ve been good or bad, you’ll all taste the same to him. The couple and their friends must band together and make it through the night, or they’ll all become dinner for this Werewolf Santa.

More about the film:

Our film Easter Sunday has been picked up for distribution. News on that is coming in the form of a press release soon,” Morehead told us. “We always had it in mind to do a holiday horror movie trilogy. We proved through our last film (through screenings and reviews) that we could make people laugh through our comedy horror film Easter Sunday. This time we want to make people scream and cover their eyes from the scary story and gore we are bringing to the table on a Christmas oriented horror film Werewolf Santa.”

Werewolf Santa is very much going to be in the vein of Evil Dead and Pumpkinhead,” the director continued. “It’s going to be a fun, scary story filled with twists, blood, and one of the scariest werewolves in a horror film in a very long time. We have a full crew working on this film, and are in negotiations with a few horror icons to join the cast as we speak. Werewolf Santa is going to be the werewolf movie horror fans have wanted to see for a very long time. i’m very excited about bringing this story to life!

The Werewolf Santa team begin filming in May. Take a look at the early poster artwork below!

Werewolf Santa Art

Werewolf Santa Art 2



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