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William Sadler Will Reprise His Role as Death in ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’



Death Bill & Ted Bogus Journey

Today brings some rather Excellent news for fans of the Bill & Ted franchise, because the third outing is set to bring back legendary actor William Sadler as Death in director Dean Parisot’s Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Sadler has already made it very clear that he’s ready to come back as the Grim Reaper by saying: “keeping [his] bony white fingers crossed” for a third film.

Bill & Ted‘s Ed Solomon shared a recent tweet regarding the return of Death, which caught the attention of Sadler, who followed up with another reply.

Face the Music will see Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves return to play middle-aged versions of Bill and Ted, who are now family men rather than young aspiring musicians.

Solomon explains that there are various issues stopping the project moving forward, one them being the all-important funding.

We are having issues raising money for it, getting it financed, because what we get all the time – all the time – is people wanting to reboot it,” Solomon discloses. “It’s ‘Let’s do Bill & Ted with new teenagers’, but what we wanna do is the story of Bill and Ted as middle-aged men, and tell what we think could be a really funny, and actually really moving, story about their lives and where they are now – their families, their kids…

We need this movie to happen, so fingers crossed it gets made. Dark Universe will keep you informed on the progress of Bill & Ted Face the Music.



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